Zamzows Living Lawn Spring and Summer Lawn Food

Zamzows Spring and Summer Lawn Fertilizer - 25lbs.
Zamzows Spring and Summer Lawn Fertilizer - 25lbs.
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Product Description

Zamzows Spring and Summer Lawn Food builds the nutrients in the soil and activates the microbes that aid in grass health. It helps restore the optimum environment in which grass grows. It contains slow release ingredients and vital trace minerals. This formula was specifically blended for Southern Idaho Soils. All of our Living Lawn products are safe for children and pets. You will not just have the peace of mind that you are not harming the environment, you will also have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, guaranteed.

Product Highlights:

Safe for kids and pets Environmentally friendly Easy to apply three step process Optimizes the health of both soil and plants with vital trace minerals Improves soil conditions for better aeration and moisture retention Long lasting ingredients for continuous feeding Can be used on fully mature or new lawns Product Size: 25lbs bags 12 in. x 22 in. x 6.5 in (Gross wt 25.5 lbs) Directions: Apply to established lawns at rate of 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft. (1 bag per 2500 sq. ft.) Apply in early spring and water it in.

Apply to established lawns at rate of 1 lb. per 200 sq. ft. (1 bag/5000 sq. ft.) in early and late summer and water it in. General Guidelines: Aviod gaps and streaks by applying to borders then working your way into the center. To maintain uniformity, make parallel passes and walk at a steady pace.

*Zamzows Lawn Food is a natural based product that may go through speader differently as compared to a chemical fertilizer. To apply this product uniformly, you may have to walk over the lawn twice.

Ingredients: Urea, Humate activated cottenseed meal, dicalcium phosphate, sulfates of magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, and iron, carbonates of cobalt and calcium, calcium iodate, chelates of iron, zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt.

*Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions. The use of this product is subject to conditions beyond our knowledge and control, the seller makes no warranty of any kind expressed or implied, concerning the effects of the product, when not used in accordance of directions.